This Void Inside – My Second Birth My Only Death (2018)

Artist: This Void Inside
Title: My Second Birth My Only Death
Label: Agoge Records
Format: CD, Album
Country: Italy
Genre: Gothic Metal
Bitrate: 320 kbps
Total Playtime: 56:34
Size: 137.2 MB


01. My Second Birth / My Only Death (Intro)
02. Betrayer MMXVIII
03. Relegate My Past
04. Memories’ Dust
05. Trapped In A Daze
06. Here I Am
07. Another Fucking Love Song
08. Losing My Angel
09. Meteora
10. Ocean Of Tears
11. All I Want Is U
12. Break Those Chains
13. The Artist And The Muse (Bonus Track)
14. Downtrodden (Bonus Track)



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