Celldweller – Wish Upon A Blackstar (Remix Contest Compilation) (2018)

Artist: Celldweller
Title: Wish Upon A Blackstar (Remix Contest Compilation)
Label: FiXT
Country: USA
Genre: Industrial Rock, Drum’n’Buss
Bitrate: 320 kbps
Total Playtime: 1:28:10
Size: 214.3 MB


01. So Long Sentiment (The Magic Puppet Remix)
02. Louder Than Words (Voicians Remix)
03. I Can’t Wait (Shellshock Remix)
04. The Lucky One (Drop Remix)
05. Gift For You (Okiru Remix)
06. Louder Than Words (Ryle Remix)
07. Eon (Paul Udarov Remix)
08. So Long Sentiment (Maniac All-Stars Remix)
09. Louder Than Words (Brian Skeel Remix)
10. Tainted (Spektralisk Remix)
11. I Can’t Wait (Jay Ray Remix)
12. The Lucky One (Voicians Remix)
13. Louder Than Words (The Luna Sequence Remix)
14. Eon (Drop Remix)
15. Louder Than Words (DNA Remix)
16. So Long Sentiment (Paul Udarov Remix)
17. I Can’t Wait (RIOT 87 Remix)
18. Louder Than Words (Orchestral Mix by Martin Harp)



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